The betrayal.


I’ve been sleeping in my own bed every night
Right down the middle with my arms to my sides
The sheets are so cold to my left and right
The sun’s been a’ falling and the chill is on the rise
And I wake up so early after crying all night

Cordelia, you can model in the nude
Cordelia, you can wear those high-heeled boots
Cordelia, just don’t treat me like a rube
Oh taker and breaker of tender-hearted boys
I may be one of those but I just don’t have the choice

We walked together and you sang a siren’s call
The chorus said something like careful do not fall
I took your hand and you came in close
The thorns just might cut you when you grasp the rose

I took you outside and you climbed up all the trees
Then off to the Goodwill for a shopping spree
You took off with my heart and you did not say please
My systolic dropped and I fell onto my knees
You laughed at my dying, can’t say you did not warn me

Cordelia, you can take off down the road
Cordelia, you don’t need that heavy load
Cordelia, oh you left me feelin’ cold
Oh taker and breaker of tender-hearted boys
I may be one of those but I just don’t have the choice

Cordelia, you don’t need to bury me
Cordelia, if my dyin’ gives you peace
Cordelia, just you take it in your ease
Oh taker and breaker of tender-hearted boys
I was one of those and I did not have the…
from Apocolypse (Applause​!​) single, track relea


from My Chainsaw Heart, released March 5, 2011
B. Crouch - Lyrics, vocals, bass
A. Kissel - Vocals, electric guitar
A. Moore - Baritone guitar
B. Dicke - Drums




The Resurrectionists Boston, Massachusetts

The Resurrectionists celebrate the dark depths of American roots music with a feel-good, righteous rock fervor.

Refined over the course of countless gigs in and around Boston, the 4-piece band’s performances combine driving rhythms and hellbent showmanship with a twilit vocal tour of family and faith, booze and the blues.
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