Here Hope Flows Like Blood From the Nose

by The Resurrectionists

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released July 18, 2008




The Resurrectionists Boston, Massachusetts

The Resurrectionists celebrate the dark depths of American roots music with a feel-good, righteous rock fervor.

Refined over the course of countless gigs in and around Boston, the 4-piece band’s performances combine driving rhythms and hellbent showmanship with a twilit vocal tour of family and faith, booze and the blues.
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Track Name: The Pilgrim
Think I’ll head on up to Hungry Mother
Starve there with her
Kneel at the water
Drink it down

Catch a worm
Then I’ll come down
Only way to lose them pounds
Get a pill from the vet
Then I’ll be fine

Then I’ll head on down to Pigeon Forge
My guts are empty
Now I’m the starving
I’m the poor

But I got plenty
Of wares in store
From my Chinese Brother
Korean Born
That Jesus shit from foreign shores
Yeah I’m coming down

Ain’t no drought gonna
Dry them wellsprings
Ain’t no dearth of
Empty vessels

Find them bouffants
Pluck them purse strings
Gonna sell some
Golden cow shit
Pile it high as them old smokies

When I walk my chains rattle
When I smile my teeth shine
Yeah I know there’s a better day coming
But the Lord told me to make this one mine

Then go on back to Hungry Mother
Starve there with
Kneel at the water
Drink it down
Track Name: Picher, OK
I fell into Picher, OK
Covered in chat with nothing to say
Dusts heaving gusts through the holes in our roofs
Don't know where to go but sure got to move

Three thousand fists make a throng of Tom Joads
But the tractors they send or driven by ghosts
For the sins of our fathers we can stay and they will bury us at home

I woke up on an outbound train
In a chemical bath they never did drain
Dads dragging kids 'cross the poison mounds
Sun setting fast on the way out of town

There's a cancer in them mountains
Running auburn in the streams
But Tar Creek cannot build our houses
On the hollows of our dreams

This machine can't slay old Doe Run
Got no Guthries at the wheel
Our lungs burn with Cadmium
From generations trading their lives for steel

I woke up in Galena today
Rubbed my eyes but it looks the same
Cracks in the street breathing water and lime
Standing for now but it’s a matter of time
Track Name: The Dirty Third
All that I need is a bag and a box
One to bury my troubles
One to pack up my sox

I was a private school boy
Upper-middle class
Privileged to make my own troubles
Design my own traps

I have my own laboratory
A trash can full of vice
My friends come to the cellar door
To get clarity and roll devil's dice

She was a public school
From PS 39
Never had a spare pair of shoes
Nor the thinnest of dimes

The only things that she had
Were personality,
A swell at the hips, those black-painted lips,
And a vinyl purse full of things to please you

Here's to my troubles
Like Houdini's locks
Choke up that key before I
Drowned in this box

Her man's her little chew toy
A wet-mouthed singing blues boy
Spitting sin sweating droplets of gin
You don't want those front seats, they'd warn you

He asked her if she's found God
She said she hadn't looked hard
But take my hand to the back-alley man
He's got the next best thing there for you

He opened up his throat
Swallowed it down hard
Shouting groaning ugly twitching
Sick on the sweets of the world

Don't cry, little girl
Don't speak his name
You know you didn't love him
Why'd you come here to see me?

Now all that I need is a bag and a box
One to bury my troubles, one to pack up my socks

Out in the woodlands
Put out that flashlight

Mama always said you got to
kill them with kindness
But if that don't work
this old shovel might

Hit the ground running
But I can't move too fast
You know I got to make good time
But, Lord, I have to last

So here's to my troubles
Packed in a box
Buried in the woods
Under three feet of rocks
Track Name: Jersey Devil
part 1

I spent the night in Jersey City
November salty breeze
My mind was on the turnpike
Her head upon my knees

Now we leave the party
Slam the old screen door
Now she says she loves me
Okay, it’s time to go

In the marshes of phragmites
It’s called the giant reed
You can spot the Jersey Devil
Among those ten foot weeds

Further down the turnpike
Found a man I think I know
He says he is my old friend
I doubt his motives though

We talk about the old times
Raise a glass to Easy Joe
Who paid all his debts with travelers checks
Disappeared ‘fore it started to snow

It’s late in the evening
He offers to buy one more
I say no, he says hey bartender
That’s okay I’m fresh outa dough

That’s when he says he loves me
Okay it’s time to go

part II

The Devil’s down in Jersey pulling the woods down
He’s got the bittersweet vine and rambling rose

The Lord is out in Cali setting fire to the desert
He’s planned the day when they’ll sink into the see

The Devil’s o’er in Persia shouting “…Siege unto Jerusalem”
To radical men with cracks in their feet

The Devil’s down in Jersey pulling the woods down
He’s got the bittersweet vine and rambling rose

The Lord is out in Cali setting fire to the desert
He’s planned the day let’s stay at home

The Devil’s o’er in Persia shouting “…Siege unto Jerusalem”
Build that wall, my people must be free
Track Name: Jesus Loves You (But He Don't Love That Noise You're Makin')
Bet you took a long journey from boyhood to youth
Bet you struggled with your faith and searched in vain for proof
Bet you fell in with the wrong crowd and strayed a bit too far
But you no longer gamble because you love the Lord

Jesus Loves you but he don’t love that noise you’re making
With that damned guitar

Heard you started boozin’ at 3pm
Heard you lost your religion like REM
Heard you got that guitar and formed a rock’n’roll band
Let loose three weighty bar chords, sang of your inner pain

Now you got a lamp to light your path
Now you got a support group to keep your life on track
But you still got that guitar and you can’t put it back
So you’re wailing for the Lord and you’re bringing the attack

Is it lonesome in the light at center stage?
Is there some inscrutable guilt that you cannot assuage?
Does it make you wonder if you’re living the right way?
Well, no amount of shreddin’ gets you into heaven
Here the words I say
Track Name: Leif Hillman
Wish you could be better
Shooting like you’d seen in those films
But you’re driving it down like that ’78 Crown Vic
You found in the ravine
Down in Hillman Hollow

You’re some mid-century gothic
Some modernist’s dream

There was a school bus and a tractor
The scraping of fallen leaves
There was a smile on your face when you asked her for forgiveness
But you’d have to beg
Come here, come here, come here

She’d tell stories of that old man
The wooden deck bridge that he’d cross coming for
The afternoon aperitif
Collapsed into the creek

He’d talk about places that she’d never been
Wink and tell her they’d ride that old tractor to Lynn
As remarkable as it’s always been
That’s when the old drunk started singing

The fiction he was to make of her father
Those afternoons in the barn
And out in the barn
Old Leif’s bottle and a song
In the house three young girls to feed
And a young widow to be

Holding your breath and counting to ten
Racing the devil up the dirt track
Falling and skinning your knees
That old superstition your pulse in your ears like voices
Say get up and
Never look back, look back, look back

There’s a picture with no frame
Man, he looked just like you, brother
Good thing you stopped drinking whiskey
When it burned a hole in you

You know mother told me that he had a friend
Who helped him with the feat
And I remind her of old Leif
Track Name: Old Pale Face Goes to the Theater
Old Pale Face turned blue when he entered the theater
And since that moment the old boy sure loves a good film
Cuz here hope flows like blood from the nose
He tips his head and rests on the seat back

And when it’s quiet the quiet is complete
Most men don’t know quite how to take it

So he speaks in a voice that almost always cracks
Saying to himself that he loves moments like these
When his words shatter up against walls of indifference
And echo all around

When life’s one certainty comes sharply into view
Old Pale Face laughs but no one laughs with him
That’s a good way to feel alone in the crowd

Yeah, here hope flows like blood from the nose
All the women appear ten years younger
Yeah, here love shows like a raindrop on a rose
But they don’t ever show you ever after
Yeah, here life goes like a mountain stream over stones
The truth is real cloudy and it’s insurmountable
Yeah, here hope flows like blood from the nose
Track Name: A Dry Night in Chambersburg
It’s a Sunday night in Chambersburg
Snowing outside like an Old Testament curse
Feeling awful sick and my wife says she’s walking
Phoned up the preacher but he won’t be calling
She says preach is gone now that’s where I’m going

And I don’t think things could be much worse
Cuz it’s a dry night in Chambersburg

She says preach will be buried in the morning
The cancer took him without much warning
They say he was a genuine faith healer
Don’t know what I saw but I want to believe it
The Lord called him home now he’s gone to get his reward

But now I don’t think things could be much worse
On a dry night in Chambersburg

To this town he came a stranger
Heard it all before this time it cut me like a razor
When that man was talking ‘bout the savior
I put my bottle right down
Started drinking from the cup

Now I don’t know what could be worse
Than a dry night in Chambersburg

With fingers parted
And taught hands a’ quakin’
He whispered words
That left me all shaken

Go now
Be whole
Unbroken in body
Flat-busted in soul
You’ll thirst no longer
Your void is now full
Receive this blessing
In the name of the Lord

The ground is covered
But it’s opening up
The love that conquered
It’s swallowing up
And on that day where we all end up
He’s gonna tickle it’s throat
And all it holds
Will be given up

Until that day
Got this question to burn
Since he’s gone my thirst has returned
Now I’m not sure what my
Faith will earn

How ‘bout another dry night in Chambersburg
Track Name: To Hope's Rundown Paper Shack
To Hope’s rundown paper paper shack
Fire makes everything new
Carbon celebrating the wind
Fading images of you
But here comes the rain

When you cannot leave but you just need to go
Want to be deceived but you just need to know
Used to believe but a mind needs to grow
You know what to do you don’t need to be told

He had his regrets and not just a few
Bought a house and a car and that house had a view
For a trophy wife he traded his youth
From the top of the world there’s just one thing to do

Lived his whole life never left his home town
A sweetheart from school had a kid settled down
Drunk every night at the Stillwater Inn
Driving home eyes closed winding road he’s back again

Born with everything but a single concern
Unscarred and thus weak how else can you learn
Not born with a soul no that’s one thing you earn
Don’t be weak just this once light a match let it burn
Track Name: The Honeyspot Motor Lodge
At the Honeyspot Motor Lodge where all the stains have their own stories
There's a girl black shopping bag sways with her hips synchopated gate lollipop eyes
Read the numbers on the door
That's the place that she calls home
Think I'll stop here for the night
Try not to make up my own stories
About the bedsheets try not to think about the
Slick-grease remote control
Get to bed now get to bed
I watch some TV Discovery all about the common house fly
If I had 600 eyes I'd be up on the ceiling next door room 44
I saw her key turn there today
In the blue light before dawn desperation
Last chance cigarette tail lights
Deep deep red
Dreading daybreak
Happy to be alive
Here she come now here she come
Sounds like an old song
It's a place and time I've never known
What is it about?
Them flowers that never bloom
Did you pay the bills in the morning?
Yeah, with a paper napkin
[Digits in lipstick]
I stole the flowers adorning the window
to the room next door
OK they raised you right
You put up a fight
Like to see you win
Summer nights and gin
Another drink with me
And I'll let you be
This rippling river
its hypnotic waves
I'd like to stay and stay and stay and stay
OK you can go home
And I'll just sit here alone
A little drop of sin
Let's the Devil in
This wicked river
it reflects my ways
And I could stay and stay and stay and stay

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